My involvement with Pray For Japan

Pray For Japan Poster ThumbnailOne of the things I am proudest of in my career is my time working on Pray For Japan, a documentary about the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

I was not involved in production or principal photography, but became a part of “Team P4J” during Post-production. My official title in the beginning was Assistant Editor. Basically what that means, for those not familiar with the nomenclature of film production, is that I did all the grunt work for the editorial team, so that they could concentrate on the editing process. It began with logging the video clips, doing transcoding where needed, and prepping still images for inclusion in the film. However, my job description began broadening to where I built the first version of the website, and handled social media for the film, something I still do on an ongoing basis.

When we began getting closer to the release of the film, we partnered with Ning and Glam Media on the current version of the site. I populated the site with content, and continue to manage it for Pray For Japan Film LLC.

I also continue to manage the Host A Screening Program for the film for all but the archipelago of Japan. We have a separate team handling screenings in Japan, which is good for me since unlike Director/Producer/DP Stu Levy I am not at all fluent in Japanese. 😉

The film is available for online purchase from iTunes and Amazon, and can be streamed from those outlets plus YouTube and Hulu. It can be purchased on DVD and Blu-Ray from RightStuf and Amazon, and select brick and mortar stores like Kinokuniya Books.


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